The impacts of climate change are all around us, coming even harder and faster than the models predicted. When global climate politics is stifling, it’s your turn to move. Climathon communities collaborate to raise climate awareness, disrupt the status-quo, and rethink the cities we live in and the future we want as citizens. 

On Earth Day 2020, the City of Houston published its first Climate Action Plan. This year’s Climathon will look to realize some of the goals of the plan through design sprints led by impact and energy transition experts in the areas of TransportationEnergy InnovationBuilding Optimization, Materials Management, Policy, and Civic Engagement and Activation.

Join us in addressing these issues and participate in the biggest climate hackathon in the world. Whether you’re a concerned citizen, active advocate, designer, developer, engineer, energy professional, policy maker, student or startup, you can help innovative and local solutions for the global climate emergency. Bring an existing idea or get ready to meet and ideate with people like you who are ready to #TakeAction for our climate.

The pandemic will not stop us from saving our people and planet! You will be able to experience Climathon globally and fully virtual this year, including live streams of all key sessions, workshops, networking, expert coaching and mentors, and more!


You can bring an existing idea to work on, or develop a new solution with an inspiring team. Solutions can be low-tech -- like behavioral change, policy-based solutions, or other local activities -- or high-tech. Coaches and experts will be on hand to help you develop promising solutions to Houston’s climate challenges.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,700 in prizes

Impact Hub Houston Accelerate Membership

The team with the most potential for scalable impact will win a three-month Accelerate Membership for their team lead, to get 1:1 support, mentorship, guidance and curated connections across our global network to help you take your Climathon solution to the next level!

Impact Hub Houston Community Membership (up to 3 per team) (3)

Win Community Memberships to Impact Hub Houston for up to three members of your team, providing you with the space, resources, and community support to continue working on your Climathon solution!

Dakota Stormer "Footprint" Prize

In honor of Dakota Stormer — Founder and CEO of The Footprint App, climate action champion, and cherished member of the Impact Hub Houston community — we are presenting a cash prize of $500 each to the person who best exemplifies Cody's legacy and emerge as the most engaged, supportive, and spirited innovator throughout the Climathon hackathon. This is our way of paying it forward to those who walk in Cody's footsteps, and help them leave greener footprints of their own!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Grace Rodriguez

Grace Rodriguez
Impact Hub Houston

Kevin Doffing

Kevin Doffing
Everpoint Services

Trevor Best

Trevor Best
Syzygy Plasmonics

Scott Gale

Scott Gale
Halliburton Labs

Juliana Garaizar

Juliana Garaizar
Greentown Labs Houston

Judging Criteria

    The solution was well presented and clearly outlines the why, how and what of the idea.
    Teams who have developed an idea that clearly a) responds to the presented Challenge, and; b) addresses a climate issue.
  • TEAM
    The teams expresses motivation, enthusiasm and an interest in being able to develop their idea further.
    If successful, the idea could have large scale impact.

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